Greetings to everyone! Keep Christ in Your Season.

This journey has been awesome. I was called into ministry in 2003 and served in various ministry capacities until answering the call to Pastor in 2011. It is my desire to serve openly, with a passion of compassion for God’s people, and to fulfill God’s will in my life. My husband Deacon Julian and I have a blended family of 3 children, 6 grand children, and 3 great grand children…wow what a life lesson!

I am the founder, teacher and pastor of At the Cross Ministries (affectionately called A.T.C.). I completed 2 Masters degrees in Religion and Organizational Management. My life degrees make me smile, our members know that I believe that everyone should have a “Happy Place” Motto- “If God has ever done anything for you; you are in the bonus round.”

This year we celebrate 9 years of ministry and it has been an awesome  time of  growth and development.  

Thanks to our water pourers and our many seed sewers who support our ministry while working busily in other facets of ministry-   Thanks for all you do you all are special to me and God has heard your request!

Thanks to A.T.C. for your support and your love…Kingdom Building to accomplish what is in store through the Triune God, God the Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit. Remember to pray for everyone as we face a changing world where there are many opportunities for us to be a blessing inside and outside of the traditional walls of the church.

Because of God we were able to move our ministry in November 2017 to 201 W. D. Ave, Salisbury, NC 28144; Praise be to God who is our Provider, allows us to stay in His Presence, and is the source of our Power!  We thank our members, friends, board of directors and the community for supporting us!

We started our community radio ministry in March of 2019.  10am on Sundays @ 103.3 FM- “The Word of God for the people of God.”  We are dedicated to meeting the needs of the gospel to sick, prisoners, nursing homes, seniors and families who are not able to attend church or are unable to get out to worship.

Julian and I thank you for everything you’ve done for us.  

I continue to reflect about the goodness of Jesus.  Everywhere I turn my path is clear or my needs are met.  I could spend time concentrating on a lot of things but I’d rather concentrate on the goodness and His Mercy.  What an awesome opportunity we have to believe God for all of our needs…I love how every now and then He blesses us out of no where with special things that He knows will be good for us!

Prayer Changes Things- Be Persistent and Intentional in your prayer life.