5th Sunday’s as scheduled
Fire on 5th – A.T.C. celebrates Friends and Family Day as scheduled for 2019
2019 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, We Believe, Food, Fun, and Believe Summer Program
To Register or to receive additional information call 704.433.6662-weekdays Ends on May 10th.
A.T.C. Partners with Project Cover on a community reading literacy program…For more details  Go to the Community Outreach page.
Volunteers are needed and appreciated.
Feed. Read. and Believe Summer Program
11 am til 1:00 pm at ATC  Ministries 201 W. D. Ave.
Ages 3 to 18 Lunch  will be served 
Volunteers are needed and appreciated.
June 12th (Tues, Wed, Thursday weekly and ends on July 18th, 2019.
Bible Study with Progressive Outreach Park, Thursday 5/9/19 at 7:30pm.
Community Resource Fair at JF Hurley TBD

Canvasing the new church location neighborhood 201 W. D. Ave Salisbury, NC- 704.433.6662 for details and to volunteer!
Men & Young Men’s Event at ATC-TBD in – Let’s Talk About What’s on Your Mind. !
A.T.C. Ministry-Celebrating 9 years of service to Our Lord and Savior and the community.
Congrats to our A honor roll students & A& B honor roll students!